Club Rules


Flying is restricted to daylight hours. Parking is only allowed on the hard standing adjacent to the patch. Park with the front of the car facing Monument Lane. At no time should access to the sheds be obstructed. Both gates to be shut whenever members are flying and locked with the combination lock at all other times.
If, as a result of a crash there is debris on the field, all flying must stop until all remains have been recovered. Particular effort must be made to find any debris that falls outside of the patch.


General safety rules are as BMFA guidelines, and the club actively encourages participation in the BMFA Power Achievement Scheme.
The flight line is indicated by three white markers (1a, 2, and 3 on the map below). Pilots must stand near to one of the markers when flying, one pilot per marker. The model must be carried beyond the flight line and placed a safe distance away before take-off. Electric models should ideally be armed at the flight line, and turbine flyers must have a CO2 fire extinguisher available. No flying behind (i.e. East of) the red lines marked on the map below.
No more than three helicopters to be in the air at one time; if the set-up patch (marker 1b) is in use, the first main patch slot 1a must not be used, and vice versa. No flying if the grass is being cut in front of the flight line.
We are all our own safety officers! Other persons must not be overflown, and close-in flying is discouraged. Any person flying in a dangerous manner will be told to land immediately. If a pilot loses control, he must shout a warning to others.
Location – for emergency services
Hiltonia Farm, Monument Lane, Fareham, PO17 6AN (50.85 degrees N, 1.13 degrees W)

Set-up patch

The set-up patch must not be used if the first flight line position (marker 1a) is being used.
The set-up patch is not a training area; all flying to be below eye level and within the mown area (see map below).
Only model set-up is to be conducted on the setup patch.
The set-up patch must not be overflown under any circumstances.
Model helicopters can be extremely dangerous; flying alone is not advisable and is actively discouraged by the club. Members without an ‘A’ certificate are not permitted to fly unless accompanied by at least one other ‘A’ or ‘B’ rated club member.